All games will come to an end eventually, and Smashy Road:Wanted is no different. There are 2 ways you will lose in this game, and they are either being busted or being wasted. The loss screen has huge block letters of BUSTED or WASTED across the center, and the colour of the surroundings is dulled with a slowdown in time.

-Being busted

This is often the main reason for loss in shorter games. This loss occurs when the player is immobile for a certain amount of time and there is a police car touching it. This will often happen when Enemies surround the player, are cornering the player against an obstacle or if the player's vehicle is flipped over. This loss can be bypassed a single time by the Boom Bus or the Rocket launcher legendaries, as they will launch all enemies away from them a single time if they get busted for the first time.

-Being wasted

This can become a common reason for loss, either if the player is using a low durability car or if the player's Wanted Level is at 6 stars, where tanks can damage the player. There are a few reasons for this loss.

1: Falling into lakes-The player is instantly destroyed if the player's vehicle falls into the water. Amusingly, the enemies chasing the player often follow the player into the water even after the player is wasted.

2: Expending the vehicle's durability level- Every vehicle has a certain amount of health, and if that health is exhausted, the player is wasted. There are 3 indicators of how damaged the player's vehicle is, and these indicators apply to enemies as well.

1: White smoke is seen billowing out of the vehicle. This indicates the vehicle is badly damaged.

2: Black smoke starts billowing out of the vehicle. This indicates that the vehicle is even more badly damaged.

3: Black smoke with burning cinders billows out of the vehicle. This indicates that the vehicle is very badly damaged, and on the edge of being wasted. Normally, one more hit from a tank or a head on collision with an obstacle at high speeds will cause a player to lose.

Below are ways that the durability level can be exhausted.

1: Being shot by a tank reduces the durability level by a small amount. This can also flip the vehicle over, leading to the player getting busted.

2: Smashing into an obstacle or an enemy at high speeds can damage a vehicle a lot, and in the case of low durability vehicles, can even destroy the vehicle entirely.

3. Smashing into an oil tanker often does a bit of damage to the player, and also flips the player's vehicle over.

This type of loss can be partly avoided by choosing a more durable vehicle. See the page Cars for information on how durable certain vehicles are, as some vehicles are more durable than others.