Multiplayer Mode Edit

Multiplayer Mode is a mode added in Smashy Road: Arena which allows the player to compete with other players online and has a ranking system.

Modes in Multiplayer Mode Edit

Bank Robbery: The Bank Robbery has the players drive to the bank with a white arrow guiding them. The player must take the loot and drive back to their spawn point on the map. You must do this 4 times in order to win the game. It can be in all of the zones.

Free For All: The Free For All has all the players in a square with each players spawn point on one side of the square. The player must drive to the center and get the loot and hold it for as long as possible. You must hold it in total for 100 seconds. It can also be in all of the zones.

Ranks Edit

For both modes on Multiplayer Mode there is a ranking system. The player starts at bronze level. When they win a game, they begin to level up. There are 3 parts of each level. The known levels are Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Platinum. The last rank is Diamond. You can go no further after that.

Trivia Edit

As you level up, if you lose a game, sometimes points are deducted.

There is a glitch where when it shows your leveling up, a player can drag the green line to the end to "cheat". However, it has no effect on the player's score or ranking.