The Orange is a common car featured in Smashy Road: Wanted and Arena.

Design Edit

The car resembles the 2006 Dodge Challenger Concept. Its name refers to its paint job with a grayish stripe, similar to the Dodge Challenger Concept. It is the third vehicle in the game.


The top speed and acceleration appears to be much faster and agile more than that of the Bluebie. Unlike the Pickup Truck, Bluebie, and some other common vehicles, the Orange can take down Enemies fairly well and is able to push traffic vehicles out of the way, making it mostly a good car for beginners.

The Orange is not quite, it has a flimsy construction making fairly susceptible of high speed collisions, which probably may be a possible reason why the car is required to be quick due to its light body. While being a fast car, its overpowered speed could constantly make the car oversteer when cornering.

Trivia Edit

  • The Orange is one of the first vehicles in Smashy Road: Wanted and Arena.